Why build with a “Local Builder” instead of a “Franchise Project Builder”?

At Maffescioni Homes & Design we pride our business on our reputation and feedback via past clients. We have families and appreciate that the biggest asset you probably ever have is your “home” dwelling. Your home is an investment and it is imperative that you plan your dream appropriately and that includes investing in the best staff for the job.

From the planning stage, to the preparation of personalised plans, to permits & insurances, selection of products and reputable tradesmen; we are the full package! We support the growth throughout the Central Goldfields Shire and encourage the building fraternity to expand. By this we mean the extension of franchise and Project Builders establishing in our area.  This is positive for everyone in our community.

We are fortunate to have the sustainability for both “Local Builders” and “Project Builders” to have a viable current market with the release of recently developed estates – “Whirrakee Rise” & “Calista Gardens” (in progress).

You know you can establish a client/builder relationship which will last the duration; they are accessible and answerable to. You need to be able to look a client in the eye 5 years down the track and for them to say they have been happy with the service you have supplied to them – this maybe a door that needs adjustment, a window repair, a tap leaking, or any alteration that occurs over a time frame. Houses are like anything else (a vehicle, a family pet or yourself – it will need to be maintained).

With a local builder you are free to inspect your site and premises (under OH&S supervision) over the duration. You can show your friends & family and have direct input of the selection of products from suppliers who are generally locally based and answerable for their products.  If you decide to make alterations for whatever reason you are permitted; you are not locked in to something you may not want or be disappointed in later.  By building locally you also have a good perception of the quality of tradesmen who will be working on your building site. We find that most of our clients are prepared and have already done their homework and researched who is a good plumber, electrician, bricklayer etc. Will you see these people around the street and do they stand by their workmanship; are they proud of their projects and will they maintain them?  You are also supporting our local economy and community by purchasing a local product. You GET what you PAY FOR!

They are marketed strategically throughout an expanding growth area; they have a larger range of online house plans accessible on their websites and also display homes in the larger cities to view.  They work on strict contractual terms and guidelines and will supply a faster turnover as they hire a diverse range of sub-contractors.  They are usually cheaper as they often bulk buy from larger suppliers to offer a cost-effective product.

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